Dress Code

(6th – 12th)

Proper dress is extremely important for school morale and safety. We at Nacogdoches Middle/High School adhere to a conservative dress for all students. A properly dressed student body affords better behavior and improved school climate. The following guidelines are to be used from arrival on campus to the end of the instructional day.

• Shirts/blouses may not be longer than fingertips when arms are extended

• Sagging pants that fall below the waist area are not permitted

• Shorts, skirts, and/or dresses are to be no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the knee. The top of a split on a skirt or dress is to be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Dresses worn over pants or tights are to be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.

• Tears, cuts, rips, and/or holes 3 inches or more above the knee are not allowed if it exposes the skin. 16-17 36

• Shorts and pants must be made of cotton, cotton polyester, khaki, or blue jean material. Shorts and pants made of spandex, Lycra, nylon, satin, etc. are not allowed. Pajama bottoms are not allowed.

• Spaghetti straps on shirts, blouses and dresses are not permitted. Straps on girls’ shirts, blouses, and dresses must be at least 2 inches in width. Covering spaghetti straps with a jacket is not allowed.

• Girls’ shirts, blouses and dresses must not reveal cleavage. Revealing, “see-through”, and/or extremely tight-fitting clothing are not allowed. Covering an inappropriate shirt or blouse with a jacket is not allowed.

• Boys’ shirts must have sleeves. Basketball-type jerseys may be worn with an appropriate undershirt with sleeves. Obscene language or symbols, alcohol, drug, tobacco, provocative, vulgar, offensive, suggestive, or hateful messages are not allowed on clothing, jewelry, or as tattoos.

• Clothing or accessories including gloves, arm bands, “colors”, towels, jewelry or other insignia that may be interpreted as promoting a particular race, power, group, (i.e. gang) may not be worn or carried.

• Proper footwear must be worn. House shoes are not allowed. All clothing must be worn appropriately. All clothing, including jackets and sweatshirts, must fit the size of the student.

• All coats and jackets must be open in the front. Coats and jackets must be short enough in length to see what settles in the bottom of the pants pocket.

• Head coverings, including hats, caps, handkerchiefs, bandanas, du-rags, hoods of jackets, etc., are not allowed.

• Sunglasses are not allowed unless prescribed by a physician.

• Piercings are allowed as long as they do not distract from or interrupt the learning environment.

• “Grilles” worn over the teeth are not allowed. Permanent “grilles” must have a note from the dentist.

• Chains, such as wallet chains, may not be worn. Other requirements appropriate for the age or activity of the students served may be added by the campus principal.

• The principal is the final authority on the dress code.

Campus administrators have discretion on all matters concerning interpretation of the student dress code, including matters not specifically covered in the student dress code.

NHS Dress Code: Formal or Semiformal School Dances (Homecoming, Prom)

1. A semi-formal or formal dress that is either long or short may be worn.
2. Hemlines and slits in dresses or skirts must be no shorter than the fingertips.
3. The back of any dress must be no lower than the waist.
4. Dress must not have an immodestly low neckline, visible midriff, or cut-outs below the traditional bra line.
5. Dress shoes must be worn. Casual sandals, tennis shoes, and house shoes are not appropriate.
6. No one may enter the dance with props, canes, book bags, backpacks, glow sticks, or pacifiers (including mouthpieces).

1. Coat and tie (optional), dress shirt, slacks, shoes, and socks or tuxedo are appropriate.
2. All accessories must conform to conventional formal dress specifications.
3. All grooming rules as stated in the handbook must be followed.
4. No pierced body parts are to be visible except the earlobes.
5. No one may enter the dance with props, canes, book bags, backpacks, glow sticks, or pacifiers (including mouthpieces).

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